Welcome to Yellow The Label. 

Why Yellow? Yellow is the most visible color in the spectrum. It's the color of light, sunshine, inspiration and glory. We believe in slow fashion. The vast majority of our products have at least two of these qualities:

  • made in a women-owned factory 
  • made with sustainable fabric 
  • made in an ethically certified factory 

 As a young business we are constantly looking for ways to improve in sustainability + ethics in an industry with very little traceability. We work with only trusted partners from around the world. We hold all manufactures that we work with to our high standards of ethics, and they are screened prior to working, as well as audited by SMETA for ethical standards including health and safety of workers and fair wages, in their factories. They all rank exceptionally in the Audit Report for global labor standards. Most importantly, garment workers are paid hourly and by salary instead of by piece rate.

Yellow The Label was founded in early 2020 by newlyweds MaryKatherine & Justin Black. Our office and warehouse are based in Sarasota, FL. All orders ship directly from our warehouse, and are packed up by our team with care.

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