Welcome to YLLW ♡

Why yellow?  Yellow is the most visible color in the spectrum.

It's the color of light, the color of glory, and the color of sunshine

Style and quality should always go hand-in-hand.  We offer classy, trendy, and quality clothing for everyday woman. We are on the journey of ethics within fashion. Our manufacturers are screened prior to working with us. Everyday we are looking for new ways to improve in sustainability and ethics in an industry that has very little traceability.

Our pieces are meant to make you feel your best and they're named after great women to inspire you to be your best.

We #YellYellow on our social channels to tell the stories of the women who our pieces are named after. 

We believe fashion is really just a battlesuit for the woman you're meant to be.


Our Team ♡ 

Founded in January 2020 by @marykatherineblack, we are still a small company with a small team! Even though we have thousands of happy customers, we are grateful for every purchase.  

If have been around a while, you have probably heard from Beth Pettitt, our Customer Love Manager who is the backbone of our brand! She handles all orders and customer service.

We also have two incredible interns, Ava & Chastity. 


For any questions or enquiries, email contact@yllwthelabel.com.